About Nu|Garde

To our delightful art enthusiasts:

Nu|Garde was established to navigate the dense and complex art world. Friends, family and colleagues have described the art world as vast, hard to access, mysterious, constantly-changing, difficult to understand, elitist, and much more.

We gave a great deal of thought as to why the public feels this way. One of the issues with people going to see art at museums or galleries is that it still does not answer many burning questions they may have:

…do I go to see or buy different types of art?
…do I find work by more established vs. emerging artists?
…do I begin to navigate the many galleries in a city like NYC?

… is the artwork’s meaning?
… is its importance?
… is its value?

…is a particular artist or work considered so important?
…is a particular work of art so highly valued?

…do I learn to really see art?
…did an artist actually make the art? What materials or process did they use?
…do I start becoming an art collector or how do I further grow my collection?

Nu|Garde believes that the answers to these questions don’t sit in any particular book, publication, gallery catalogue, or museum caption.The answers to these questions are learned by looking closely at art with others, asking questions, sharing perspectives with each other, and having meaningful interaction with the art and about the art. This is why Nu|Garde brings people together through gallery and museum tours and art lectures, to demystify and learn about art together.

Please review the ‘Services’ section for more information regarding lectures, tours, advising, and studio visits.

Cherise Klebanov, Founder/Director of Nu|Garde, LLC.